In order to be as fair and useful as possible to our clients, we work on building lasting and transparent relationships with them and openly share all rental conditions. The process itself goes through a few short steps:

1) Registration of the client in the Stroyrent system

2) Signing a framework contract,  giving our customers the opportunity to rent equipment from the entire offered range, in every warehouse of Stroyrent

3) Conclusion of  additional agreement, specifying the details of the specific equipment to be rented, namely: term, rental price, value of the equipment, consumables for it and other additional services that the customer needs (transportation, provision of an operator, assembly and/ or disassembly, etc.)

4) Payment of the amounts due related to the rental relationship

5) Delivery (in case the customer will not pick up the equipment at the moment) and work instruction, including inspecting the correctness of the relevant equipment

6) Return of the equipment after completing the assigned work with it

7) Inspection of the condition of the machine and its functionality status after return

8) Payment of other expenses incurred during the rental relationship (for example, additional rent in case the original term was extended, additional consumables in case of more intensive work than originally planned, etc.)

It is important to know:

                *Stroyrent keeps the following information about customers in its information system: names, addresses, contacts (telephone and e-mail), representatives (for legal entities), persons entitled to pick up and return equipment on behalf of the customer, data about the sites , on which the equipment will be used, history of the relationship with Stroyrent (current and terminated rental agreements, invoices issued, meeting notes, etc.)

                  *Stroyrent applies an internal scoring model to assess the risk of each renting. Depending on the assessment that the model generates, it is possible that a particular rental may be refused or additional conditions may be placed on the provision of the equipment.

                  *To ensure the good care of our equipment, its proper storage and its return in working condition, we may require the provision of a cash deposit and/or Promissory note for physical and/legal entities, which are returned to the client after the end of the rental relationship. Depending on the specific situation, it is possible to request other types of finacial securities to guarantee the fulfillment of the client's obligations as a renter.

                    *During the rental period, the customer has the flexibility to replace the rented equipment as needed, as well as receive an additional free consultation in case they have difficulty working with it.

                    *The rental period can be changed according to the actual needs of the client.

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