A question of extreme importance for every company!

The answers are different according to the scale and activity of the company, the projects it works on, the importance of the equipment in the company's activity, as well as the availability of investment funds. Renting has many advantages, so we present some of the most important ones:



By partnering with Stroyrent, companies can optimize their costs and allocate investment funds only for equipment that is essential to their business. For example, by renting construction equipment for specific projects, construction companies optimize their costs and allocate funds for equipment only during construction activities, and save in the periods between projects . These amounts can be invested in other business activities. Equipment rental is also a suitable solution for manufacturing and logistics companies, especially when it comes to an equipment, which is required for a small number of jobs or one which is not used in the main manufacturing activity. Renting is a suitable choice also when starting or expanding the activity, when the markets and the volume of demand are not yet completely clear and the needs of the company are variable.



Besides saving on all purchase-related costs such as transport, repair and maintenance, insurance, etc., equipment rental gives extreme flexibility. At every moment, the company can have equipment that fully meets its needs, easily replacing the already rented equipment with another one of the same class. Stroyrent clients can plan their work at a clear cost, without fear of delays or lack of the appropriate equipment.

Renting is often equated with leasing, but it is important to note that with leasing there is no possibility of replacing the asset, and returning it before the contract expires is complicated and always associated with additional costs for the company. The lease purchase contract implies costs in a longer time plan and difficult distribution of payments according to the budgets of the individual projects.



When a company doesn't own its machinery and equipment it saves costs on full-time service staff. Often companies are surprised to find how much cost is dropped when departments are closed and positions responsible for repair and maintenance, for consumables, spare parts, fuel, oils, technical inspection, insurance and all other unforeseen expenses are terminated.

The reduction of costs can clearly be noticed by companies with a seasonal type of activity and/or periodicity in the load. With reduced volumes or entering a lean season, unnecessary machines are returned to the lessor and no unnecessary costs are accrued for them.



With a reliable partner on their side, in the face of Stroyrent, customers can always count on a quick replacement in case of equipment failure or damage. If necessary, the Stroyrent team can visit the customer and provide on-site assistance.



The operational effort and costs of managing existing equipment and machinery are not small and are usually hidden. The owner always has more unknowns than the one who rents machinery and equipment.

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